Orlando Furioso

Installation of 8 meters cartboard tubes painted red over
the ancient tower of Ripe San Ginesio (IT).
The night lights underline the silouette of a knight face
and the burinng plume seem to evoke the enchanted
helmet of Orlando (the furious).


Between digital imagery and land art, the SUPERICONA offers a thought
on the relationship between the technical man and the landscape it occupies.
Tullio Pericoli, a famous illustrator from Marche, says that "the landscape is out
of the eye of the beholder but is inclusive of you."
Ask themselves this means not to lose the sense of who we are;
the image of the landscape offers insight into a unique look to our history,
our present needs and our future aspirations.
Probably the protection of the landscape depends primarily affirmation
of a reference model that is attentive to the cultural identity of the values
and quality of life even before questions of competence and regulations.


A "politically correct" installation, in which industrial waste materials are collected,
recombined and re-assembled as raw material for new productions.
Landmarks of the ri.albero philosophy are the evaluation of the product life cycle (LCA);
the attitude with which he puts the man in front to the products of their own culture (and waste);
awareness of the dangers of consumerism and the role of art in contemporary times.
All this body is in the form of a tree, ancestral symbol of origin, life and knowledge;
essential concepts to balance relations between human being and nature.
In the traditional way to think about "art", the uniqueness of the piece is a basic requirement,
while the meaning and usefulness of the ri.albero grow as it is re-produced.